How do you move your hips? – Belly Dance Tutorial In Hindi

Is it something you do in gym in training to help with your bodyweight exercises? In other words, what kind of physical activity is necessary for developing strength, stability, and endurance?

In my experience I have found that you do not have to be in good shape or use weights to strengthen your hips.

The key is to get in a proper range of movement in your training without the idea that your hips are always a problem.

Let’s take our case study exercise which is called the Pigeon Leg Raise. In this exercise we are using an empty back squat. Why do we do this exercise? Because it is one of the few exercises that works the hip joints completely and is a very effective way to strengthen your low back and the glutes.

Now, the hip is a muscle that, under optimal conditions, produces force. It sends those forces outward and the back of your thighs moves.

In exercise that target the hip, you are always trying to move from left to right so the feet remain vertical. And you are constantly contracting the glutes muscles which are the lower part of your legs. Thus, the exercise is the perfect complement to our Pigeon Leg Raise.

I have seen many people who start with this exercise as they are weak, as they are not able to do this exercise. But if you take a look at some of the exercises on this site, you will see that doing the Pigeon Leg Raise allows you to train your whole body from the glutes to the knees and hip. And if you don’t have this skill at that moment, you can start with some low load exercises like the Pigeon Leg Raise, and gradually work at these more demanding exercises. This is a true case of bodyweight training.

Now if we want to develop these weak areas that can sometimes become weak and then we’ll take our Pigeon Leg Raise to develop those areas into strength. This is actually a way to strengthen all of your body parts and develop all of your muscles that you didn’t think you had.

As a matter of fact the hips should be a strength, but not the hip extensors as that area has so many more potentials.

With all of this, I hope that you will go through the exercises from your daily life exercises to strengthening your hip extensors so that you can use that strengthening to help you achieve your personal goals.


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