How do you move your hips like a belly dancer? – Youtube Belly Dancing Lessons

With ballet and hip-hop, it’s the motion around your hips that moves your hips. The more you move your hips, the more you activate your hip muscles, which creates the feeling of “hips,” in a way. But not everyone can do it exactly like a belly dancer!

If your hips are too high for your body, your posture is off, and your posture is off your body, you might notice a difference between how you move your hips and what people expect from you in a dance setting. But if you do what I taught and just stay put, you’ll be ready for any dance and can do it effortlessly.

Let me put you into hip-hop dance posture. You’ll look like a belly dancer, but all your hip movement will feel natural and you’ll feel your hips. And if it’s easy to get your hips up to a good position, you can go anywhere!

Here’s why I love hip-hop dancers:

Hip-hop dancers:

-Have a great look when you dance

-Have a sense of balance

-Learn new styles in a really short time

-Dance for the fun, not the pressure

-Don’t need a whole lot of training to be ready to dance

-Have fun but still get good grades

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