How do you move your hips? – What Are Belly Dancing Clothes Called Units Of Measurement

This is a very common question but often confused. I have used the word bounce here because that is what I see when reading your post, though actually it is better to use that word bounce here, since your hip mobility is really dependent upon your hip mobility.

You will start to realise a big benefit of this movement after you put it into practise and it has definitely helped me improve a lot of things I was afraid of – particularly when dealing with the bar.

If you can sit up straight and put your hips back into position you are already in a good place. It isn’t rocket science – it’s all just about getting your body ready to move to a new position.

As you will be using a heavier load in the bar then you will be taking extra time, with your upper back out, to get into this new position by moving your hips.
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This is where using a hip hyperextension (hyperextension + hip hinge) movement can really help you.

Basically, if you cannot sit back into a sitting position, your torso has to extend out as you sit back down towards the starting position.

Because of this it is possible for you to reach a new position by simply extending forward with your feet.

Once you can do this, you are fully ready to start your movement into the bar and as soon as you feel your hips reach into the starting position, then you are all ready to do hip hyperextension movement.

You just have to use your head, body position and a lot of common sense to finish off this movement.

Let’s get back to what you are probably doing – doing hip hyperextension.

If you read that post then you know that some of what I have said is true if you are not able to fully extend your hips up.

So why do I use this movement?

Because it gives you a good base, and to really focus on getting the maximum benefit out of this movement.

A key component of any hip hyperextension movement is using the chest and shoulders first and foremost.

Because of this you will be in a good position to make sure that your body is in position for hip hyperextension movement.

By doing this you are able to do very difficult movements quicker and do these types of movements better.

I have put together a link with all the exercises I have done with this movement.


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