Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing For Beginners Classes Photography

A little overweight? Nope – it’s not just about what you look like, it’s a reflection of where you’re feeling.
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I can get a little fat when I do the ‘belly Dance’ in my room. But I’m happy with that because I know how to take care of myself so it doesn’t get to that point in the future.

Have you been doing belly dances in gyms before?

I’ve learned how to juggle. You see, if you get stuck, it’s just not worth trying to get out, it may hurt and it may not be enjoyable.

Belly dancing is what I’m doing now to get back into the swing of it. The gyms do not have the same kind of support. They’re usually too busy working out to really put their energy into making me feel welcome.

So I’ve got to take care of myself first?

Yes, I’m very lucky; I do get to do it twice a day for eight hours in the same place and it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes it can be a problem and I feel like I may not be able to do well if I get caught. That can last for hours and hours – you start to feel very embarrassed.

How do you deal with the ‘chunky body thing’?

My body is not fat – it’s full of muscle. That is what makes it so fun too!

I know that can seem weird because people think I’m really thin. But I don’t think I have any muscles that I like. I’m just the sort of person who wants to be active and I have no problem with this.

Does feeling like you’re not good enough at being in shape help your dancing?

Yes, being thinner isn’t an excuse for not doing the dances anymore. I do make sure to enjoy them and enjoy being involved with people instead of thinking they’re being too rough. You just need to know that you’re doing the dance right.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on my body in other ways – I just got a little exercise routine and I’m loving it. I’m trying to focus on what’s in the front of my mind instead of what’s in the back. Things like that take away some of the pressure for once so I can still concentrate on my body, which is good.

A few months back you were saying that you didn’t eat until you

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