How do you twerk? – Egyptian Style Little Girls Belly Dancing Outfits

On April 9th, a number of videos about the practice popped up on You Tube and blogs. Some of the videos were from amateur dancers, while others were from professional twerkers.

While they were all a little amateurish, it was pretty hilarious the reactions the twerking videos got.

Below are the videos with reactions.

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WASHINGTON — An international report on violence in Libya has been released, and it is damning in its indictment of the Libyan dictatorship.

“An international team found that the Libyan regime was deliberately and extensively targeting civilians and was using a range of weapons, including chemical weapons. The investigation found that the use of cluster munitions, at least in part, was intended to violate international humanitarian law … The regime also used mercenaries and a militia of war, the Haratiya, to commit violations,” reports the International Crisis Group:

In addition, the reports found that the government has been indiscriminately targeting protesters, a growing number of which include foreign nationals and people from other regions, to prevent them from expressing their unhappiness. The report also found that the violence in the country has been a result of a growing frustration among Libyans who are dissatisfied with their country’s political situation as well as an influx of foreigners who have been protesting against the Qadhafi regime and other issues.

As the Associated Press reports, the report “concluded that there would be more civilian deaths and severe damage to civilian infrastructure if the new government does not demonstrate a strong commitment to respecting human rights, improving governance, improving the rule of law and stopping armed violence and discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender and national origin.”

“We have said many times before that the world is looking at Libya from the wrong angle,” former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix said after the report was published. “The war there has been brutal, it has been wrong, and yet it is being discussed almost entirely outside of the world of international

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