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It can be heard in most of the music videos of her or in a couple of music videos that she directed. The video, released with a different artist name, shows the singer with a belly dancing to the song “I’m Beautiful” by Biz Markie and has now got over 20 million views on YouTube. In it, there are many shots of the singer moving over her belly.
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Why is Shakira in Hollywood?

It all started this week with the release of the next instalment in the Shakira biopic “I Am Not A Woman, I Am…The Woman”.

The movie will contain a bit of dialogue from Shakira. She has talked about her love for Michael Jackson and her relationship with her former husband Mark Ronson.

“I met Michael Jackson in London in 1988, just before the recording of ‘Smile’. I had just gone off the rails, I had been acting in TV shows with Michael Jackson. But a friend had asked me to come to London and play a concert with Michael because he said, ‘It’s a big deal in London’.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Shakira had her first baby when she was 17 years old

As part of the film that took the UK by storm, it depicts what it is like to be a teenager in 1989, when Jackson was recording his seminal, hit-making album. She met his wife, Beyonce, the next day and they married in 1995.

During the interview with the interviewer, David Arquette asks what would happen if someone said she was a woman and then told her she was not. Shakira replied with an impish grin: “I’ll do anything.”

A few hours after the interview, however, the singer’s father was informed and said the singer would not be taking part in the film.

The reaction on Twitter has been fierce. Some people have made fun of the interview. Some have criticised her choice of venue. And some, especially in the Caribbean, are critical of her choice of words.

“Is it necessary to have one in every corner of your home and every other place you travel? It is hard to be known as Shakira and not look like some kind of woman. She’s got the hips. What about your feet?” writes @AishaKamil on Twitter.

Some people have tried to use it in the best way possible. But some social media users have called her fat.

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