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For those that dont know, Twerk is a dance created by a bunch of white people for all white people to do. Twerk music is not for the faint of heart or the shy of heart. We are not here to be funny. We here to give you the most intense and powerful dance music that ever existed! The sound is that of pure joy and you’ll start feeling your body shake with pleasure as soon as your body moves in twerking.

What can I expect on my first dance?

Our dance music is for people who take the dance seriously. Everyone has different personalities and reactions to each and every move of twerking, so do not expect the same twerking moves to be used by everyone the same way. If you are unsure of what you want, simply ask for a dance that doesn’t necessarily play to your personality. If you do not dance to our music, you are fine and can take a break and find your own style of dancing.

What music will be used?

Music is chosen based on the type of music that you like to listen to. All music is used within what is considered twerk music as it is all related to dance music. We do not have any song that we want to use as you can find them for free on the internet. We do however, have some tunes you can use. The following is a small list of those we have on our playlist. Feel free to create your own playlist and request which track you would like:

– Jukemeister

Samia Gamal - love the shape of her hip belt | Vintage ...
– Twerkers Unite

– Twerk Rock

– Twerk The Room

– Twerk N’ Go

– Twerk Me

– Twerk It Up

– Twerk On The Run

– Twerking With The Best (The Remixes and Bands)

What can I expect to hear while dancing?

While twerking, you’re going to feel a vibration in every step and the sensation will go off in your mind. It’s going to be an all around amazing feeling. You’re going to feel like a part of the crowd and it’s going to feel fun and awesome. You will be dancing to the beat. Twerking does not come without any dance moves. There are several different dance moves that you can do while on the dance floor.

– Dips and Thongs

– Twerking Over Your Shoes

– Twer

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