Is hip hop a culture? – Belly Dancing Controversy

And how does it actually fit into American society? In this episode, we’ll take a trip outside the boundaries of hip hop’s mainstream success and talk about the origins of the current subculture, what kinds of music it celebrates, and the role hip hop and “rap-punk” have played in the rise of American society. The guys discuss the intersection between hip hop and American culture, including the politics of the genre as well as what it means for the future of American hip hop culture. Enjoy! Free View in iTunes

21 Explicit Episode 029: The Most Important Words in Modern Romance (Part 3 of 3) It hasn’t been a good month for the women in our lives. This week we take a look at “love” as we talk to the authors, musicians, and artists who are creating the newest music and words about love in 2017. We’ll discuss “love” as a concept and how we think love can be defined and expressed, as well as discuss the relationship between “love” and romantic love. Join us as we explore the newest love words. And a special thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron – Get 3 meals free on your first meal order from 1/12 to 1/17. – Use promo code HEYSPORTS to save up to 20% off your first order! Free View in iTunes

22 Explicit Episode 028: The Most Important Words in Modern Romance (Part 2 of 3) When it comes to love and relationships, it’s a good time to be a modern romance expert. Listen to our conversation with author/illustrator, Amy Cuddy about her newest work of fiction, “Love and Theft.” We’ll discuss Amy’s own experiences growing up in a large, dysfunctional home and then explore the themes of love in “love and theft.” Along the way, Amy will share what she’s done in her own life to create these stories and what she has learned from these experiences. Enjoy! Free View in iTunes

23 Explicit Episode 027: The Most Important Words in Modern Romance (Part 1 of 3) In 2017, more than ever is needed out of the words that we use to describe love and relationships. This week, we will talk to two men about the most important words we use to describe love and why they are important to understand. These are two modern romance authors who write about love and relationships but do not have a traditional literary background. We speak to author/illustrator, Steve Epting and poet, Christopher

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