Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancer Painting

Hip Hop is a very difficult and complex music to write about, that requires a very high degree of artistic skill. Hip hop is an audio genre which, due to its nature and its composition has to be listened to many times in a row. It is difficult to capture in words what a beat can do; how a rapper can express love; how a dancer can convey emotion. Even the most gifted of rappers will fail to capture that feeling and style as well as a song by a legendary rapper has been written to capture that emotion.

How long ago was Hip Hop created?

Hip Hop was created way back in the time of disco; the very earliest hip hop tracks could be seen from the late 70s-early 80s for instance the tracks “Love Me Now” by the group the Slavelips and “Love Me Now” by the group Niggas In Paris, “Dancing in the Streets” by the Slavelips and “Ain’t No Love in the Sunshine” by Niggas In Paris, were some of the earliest recordings made from the 1960’s for instance the “Dancing in the Streets” by the Slavelips and the song “Love Me Now” by the Nicks. There are also recordings from the 60’s by EPMD and J.C. Watts which was played by radio DJs on a daily basis in the early 70’s.

What does Hip Hop have to offer in other genres?

Hip hop has a unique sound and sounds of a very unique genre which has its own particularities, but can be listened to in other genres including Rock, Blues, Funk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, World Music, Experimental, Experimental Pop, New Age and more. I have created a list of some of the most popular and influential Hip Hop artists that has been played on Radio programs over the last 30 years below:

Ricky Nelson – “Disco” featuring the Nicks

Jay Dee – “Niggas in Paris” featuring the Ramones

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Aubrey Marcus – “Black Jack”

Big Daddy Kane – “I Want To Know What Love Is”

D.T. “Sugarbear” Tha King – “Niggas in Paris”

Jax Jones – “Candyman” featuring the Fat Boys

Kool G Rap – “My Humps”

Eminem – “In the Hood”


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