Is Waacking hip hop? – Lea Elui Musically Compilation Belly Dancing

I love to think i just made Waackin’.


4) B-52’s (Ridin “I’m The Man”) & The Black Crowes (Jude “I’m Back”)

This dude’s got that raspy, Southern Southern rap with his sweet voice. But hey, if you’re going to go for a Southern hip hop sound, you better have some Southern artists with you so you can really get the southern hip, Southern-ness of that type of music. If you can’t give all that you got in your bag, try finding some Southern musicians so they can give the best the Southern-ness of that type of music, and you’ll have an awesome Southern hip hop sound.


I love this B-52’s song because when you listen to it, you hear that Southern Southern vibe with some really funky, good vocal arrangements. You’re going to get some good grooves in your head when you listen to that.


5) Soul Culture (Kool G Rap)

Soul Culture is a really amazing Southern hip hop group. You can really find soul in that Southern sound. He doesn’t pull anything from country, but is able to do a Southern hip hop song from a really, really old time song called “I Like The Feelin'”. It’s good for Southern hip hop as it’s really groovy and the verses are really hiphop as well. It’s probably the best Southern hip hop band on the planet. It’s just a really great rap group.


6) Kool G Rap
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It’s very difficult to find a good Southern rap group with that Southern sound. I mean that in a good way, because at times, I really believe Killa G feels like an alien in this song. The way he croons that thing is really weird. Like what do I do with that? I try to find a rap group where the rapping’s not very

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