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Dance style is different for every artist and is influenced by different music genres. For instance, hip hop dance style is a very distinct style that is different in many ways from other styles and sub-genres such as R&B, Pop, Hip Hop etc.

Dance style is characterized by its rhythmic features and flow. You will often see “rhythmic swells” that are related to beat and tempo (see video below). There are also some basic types of rhythms that are often used in hip hop dance, however, they are not the same throughout all styles. For instance, in dance music, there are different types of beats that are used. For instance, there is the basic hip hop beat (see video above).

Other key points:

There are many different styles of dance music and there is almost no agreement among dance artists on what a “classic” dance style is. For instance, some artists would call “classic hip hop dance style” by other music critics, while others would call a contemporary hip hop dance style ‘classic’ by other people, depending on the style. There exists some agreement on how to categorize genres, though, when the genres are not in agreement, it is not clear which style is ‘best’ and which one is just hip hop dance.

The term “hip hop dance” is often used to describe any type of dance style. In general, this type of classification is not used by hip hop dance fans, they refer to “hip hop dance styles”.

The term “hip hop dance style” is not as widely used by hip hop dance artists, mainly because it isn’t used outside of hip hop in general. However, there are still many different types of hip hop dance music being made today, often referred to as “hip hop dance tunes” by many.

While the term “hip hop dance style” or “hip hop dance style”, may be more commonly used by hip hop dance artists to define a style of dance, there is some confusion at times over whether an artist will say “hip hop dance style” after their music or not!

As the term “hip hop dance style”, is the most widely used by hip hop dance artists, this will mean that most labels are likely to use the term “hip hop dance style” to refer to a style rather than the artist.

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There is no standard for the size of the beat per beat or type of rhythmic features used with hip hop

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