Is Waacking hip hop? – Where Did Belly Dancing Originated

What’s next for you? Check out our features on… 3.10 – B-Front is the next star rising from Atlanta, Georgia in music. What happened to his predecessor, N.C. Know It All? 3.09 – The new K-Pop artist, TK from K-Pop stardom, has made a name for himself with his energetic dance music, and a new set of hits. 3.08 – The first person to make it big with hip hop, Nas, has recently released his latest album, No Limit, and is poised to be a major influence on his own career. 3.06 – The hottest singer in Atlanta is about to get the world attention, and in style, with a surprise Grammy Award. Don’t miss her performance here: 3.05 – New rap hero, Darnell “Dope Dump” Banks, has the most fun on Earth, and will be doing his part to help our favorite city make a new splash this year. See the video here. 3.04 – The first rapper to make a name for himself on the main stage of the MTV VMAs is also one of the most celebrated comedians of the day. We had the pleasure of talking to him. Check out the video here…. 2.01 – This is our first new K-Pop artist, and he’s already one of the most popular stars here. We’re all excited to play for you. 2.00 – K-Pop music is the biggest hit in Atlanta, with more acts joining the scene constantly. What are you waiting for? Check back soon in our features for new rappers. 1.98 – As the nation’s musical capital, Atlanta is home to not a handful of rappers, but thousands of talented musicians and musicians that work with the city to create great music. We hope your new favorite video gets you excited about the upcoming year. We have our video in your hand today, click to download: 1.97 – Check back in later in the year as we celebrate our first K-Pop award winner, and the music that has been instrumental in bringing us our national star. We’ll have the video up on our homepage as well. 1.96 – Welcome back to your favorite K-Pop boy band, the N.E.R.D.’s. We’ve got you covered with the new hit from their latest album, Superstar. Stay tuned at the end of the month for our feature. 1.95 – New rapper, TK from Atlanta is all
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