What does belly dance do for your body? – Professional Belly Dancers

Well for me it allows me to practice my core muscles and core strength for the upcoming week. And even if I didn’t dance in a gym I would still be very excited to do what I can do. With an hour or so to go before our meeting, I decided that I would go dance so I could really get into the groove. My plan was to take my regular morning gym class and do the belly dance. There were a few people with me, but the majority of dance classes aren’t public. Some people danced before the meeting so I didn’t have to try too hard.

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One of the first things I noticed is my hips were way off. They were way too big even for me. To my surprise even though I had really strong core muscles I could really only do a few steps. Once I got over that I started to feel my belly. It was getting bigger and bigger and my arms were getting stronger. I knew this was because I was doing my belly dance every night. It didn’t stop me, though. I kept dancing for the rest of the class and made it to the end of class. My stomach was now noticeably smaller in some places than it had been at the beginning of my life.

I walked away from my class feeling better than I did the day before. The dance wasn’t the only thing that changed my body. When I go into the mirror at night I’m not a boy anymore. I’m wearing a cute black dress that shows off my curves and the little black dress I’m wearing is only just barely touching my body. All of the girls at school are staring at me in their mirror now and they even compliment my body. It’s really weird that girls have complimented me so many times before me even changed. I’m a girl, it’s just because I didn’t know that wasn’t how people really thought about girls.

When I got home early that night I went straight to bed. After I was done with a few more classes I was pretty tired. I had a lot more questions than answers I was pretty sure I needed to ask my mom. When I got to her room she was waiting. She opened the door and I stepped into her room. It was night time. I saw that she had the covers on the bed and I took my clothes off and went inside. I was surprised when I saw the room I was in the opposite to what it looked like the night before. I thought I saw myself the night before and then realized I couldn

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