How can I learn dance at home? – Ghawazee

There are a variety of options for you.

1. Dance Classes

2. Self-teaching
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3. Dancing at home, school or work

We all want to learn dance, and we all have different learning goals. We want to start learning from a young age. We want to learn to dance at home. We want to dance professionally, through dance classes, school or work classes.

You can start at home. But we need you step-by-step in order to become an efficient and enthusiastic dancer. We are so happy you’re here.

For the first couple of months or weeks you are on the computer, there are some helpful tips. If you need additional help learn some “hands on” methods.

So, where do I begin? The first place is with a good book. There are so many good books on how to teach yourself to dance, I’ve included several of them below.

I used the video above, as well as the book: Dance for Everyone

The video: The book:

Focusing on technique (by Karen H. Cawley) It is a very well-written book, written clearly; the instructions are straightforward and understandable. I love this book because of its emphasis on how to learn the basics of dance. This book is more than just “a set of dance lessons and an online app.” It is more than one dance class in which you can see a few simple patterns; a “video” of how to “dance”. This book is all about getting started. Learn how to play the simple “handstand”. This is a good class, but you will also need to do some handstand practice, to get the timing and feel right. Practice and learn the basics of the “kneebar”. A real challenge of the book. (not all dancers can easily do the “kneebar”, and if you try you might get hurt, but this is a must do for the beginners

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