What is the latest dance move? – Belly Dancing Veil Dance

The newest dance move, which emerged on social media over the weekend, is made famous by the ‘Bubble-Tastic Dance’ from the 2013 film The Breakfast Club, in which Michael Douglas’ character moves like the dance moves on a bubble. But it is not just dance moves that are being recreated online – the moves are being recreated in videos for games such as Assassin’s Creed, GTA V and Destiny for the Xbox One and PS4.

What is a ‘Bubble’?

A bubble is the term of art for a person who is ‘squished’ together by the weight of another person or object. Many people feel the term ‘bubble’ describes the character of a dancing robot which can be seen as ‘obnoxious’, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The idea of a ‘bubble’ is of a very small space, only large enough to be within the reach of a small person or small object.

“A man (David Tennant) has a moment of vulnerability as the bubble around him collapses due to a falling object and then regains his composure and runs into the embrace of his partner (Emily Blunt),” writes Veejay. “When I was a boy, on a Saturday night in my Dad’s studio, we would often go around the corner and into a dark, cavernous room for a little dance – a bit like the movie Bubble.”

The dance moves are being recreated for games

‘Bubble-able’ is the catchphrase used when the internet is flooded with seemingly endless dance moves. But when the internet craze over ‘bubble-able’ music hits, the real fun starts, as it can take the game to new places, as well as get you fired up in a different way. “When I heard the phrase ‘Bubble-able, what’s next’ for an indie game I instantly wondered where the developers could go from here. It is time to say no to what seems to only create new content, which is a total waste as far as I can tell,” writes Michael. “I can understand why so many game developers are pushing their games to ‘cool’ or ‘danceable’ levels, but that’s not what I’m after when I finish them.”

‘Bubble ‘able’ music for the Wii U can be a real treat

Some of those who have enjoyed the dance moves in the movie will probably be more inclined to try and recreate

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