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The answer is a resounding “No.” If you are interested in making a great film, it is more important to have a great director than to have a great actor. If you’re trying to find a director to direct the next “Transformers,” you are more likely to find a better director, rather than a bad one.

2) You can’t hire actors for their acting. While it is true that actors have incredible skills, they also often suffer from poor acting. The reason why people who appear on screen as villains typically lose their heads and crumble is because they often act that poorly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hire actors, but it’s important that you can’t hire an actor from the middle of the stage to be the bad guy. And when you hire a director, they have to perform.

3) How often do you hire directors? That’s a really hard question, because it’s pretty hard to answer. If you’re in the middle of production (like a movie like “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is), then you’ve probably hired directors for more than 20%. And a lot of times, the only people who get the chance to do that are the people who are in charge of writing or acting. You need to get the other directors the chance to get the job done, and then once you’ve done that, then they’ll have a chance to get on board. Again, if you’re in the middle of filming and the movie is not being shot, that’s a different story.
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4) It’s difficult to hire directors for any kind of film. You will get directors to do anything, because directors are people, too, but you need to ask yourself, “Is this just an actor’s performance?” You want films that are being handled by filmmakers who love film and love acting. When there is anything else, it’s usually a mistake.

5) The only way you get a director’s attention is if they’re making a mistake. And you know when they’re making a mistake? If they make a mistake in their casting choices or directing choices, then they’ll be fired, or if they make a mistake in the writing of the script, then they’ve done a very bad job to begin with. It’s a very, very difficult thing to get the attention and the trust of a director.

6) What is best for the film? This, of course, is a much more difficult question, because I don’t want

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