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The studio. Is this really a movie for the studio or really for you?

That’s the difference between the two of us, I love it, but I don’t think of myself as in charge, but I really think the film can’t be released without my approval. But you’ll see later, it’s one of those things that’s like, ‘Who am I to say, I approve this movie, or I disapprove this movie?’ I just say, ‘Do it your way.'”

We have so much respect for a director who is not afraid to let his creative impulses take over when it comes to a film. But he’s never going to go for the easy option. As great as he was with his comic books, when he brought the Batman to the screen I think what Warner Bros. should have done is not have given the guy the money to make a live-action version of his comic books. I think the studio should have made him make his own version, which would have been more authentic to himself.

I don’t think I’ve ever been given more leeway on screen than Bruce Wayne is when he goes into a suit. Bruce’s been wearing clothes for like 35 years, and in his costume he’s very restrained, but that’s his comfort zone. But when it’s a movie he’s making he’s all out there going, “Let’s go crazy,” and I don’t think a director is supposed to be comfortable with that.

Would you like to see another version of the Batman?

Sure, I wish we were in the position where I could tell what Bruce Wayne’s going to do in the next three films. But there is a chance that he’ll end up in a completely completely different world.

Would you ever be interested in the role again?

Of course. And I don’t even know which one is going to appear next.

Tobias Buehler/The New York Times

There’s a problem, and it’s called “self-esteem.”

Bristol Courier Newspaper Archives, Nov 9, 1944, p. 4
Ever since you were born into the world, you have been told you must think well. It’s the only way you’ve been told to be. But is self-esteem really the most important thing on earth?

“There’s no question that people with more self-esteem feel superior to others,” said William James, a popular and often quoted professor of behavioral psychology. The phrase is often used to defend the status quo it’s part of the reason

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