Can a director also be a producer? – Filmmaking Techniques Lighting

Are they just the people whose jobs include producing on their own?

The first answer we got was for it to be a team of co-producers.
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This is the main part of the structure of a film, which is important to get right. It makes sure that everybody is included, on a technical level, as well as on a creative level. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be mistakes – all the directors and producers are working on a film in a very similar way – but everybody feels that they work together on the same boat. This has been the secret of Cannes, which has allowed for really high standards.

The second answer was that you need directors to come off and take a back seat. They are a part of the creative team of the film, to make sure the whole vision of the film develops. So it gives the film an authenticity that is not something you get out of just a set of people.

When I started out I was in a relationship with a producer, and the rest of my crew. After a short period of filming I stopped being in love with it and started to concentrate on the screenplay. I also found that I couldn’t do another feature film.

This was especially frustrating because my first feature, Lola, was completely funded by Kickstarter for a year. That meant I could write that script every month, and get to the editing stage of the film, before going back to Kickstarter to fund another year of filming. I’d been writing for so long, that it was really hard to be completely honest about what I was doing, because it was only then – after a year of doing it – that I felt I could really move as an artist.

I’m not saying you should always be writing, or you’ll never break through. I’d been at this film for so long; it felt to me like the natural thing to do.

You’ve been criticised for writing in short films. Is long short film making the transition to the big screen?

I’d love to see it, but the process is very hard, and it’s really expensive.

There’s also the problem that the format of film means that your time is very limited. And you cannot do more than one short-format piece in a year. So it’s tricky.

The big screen adaptation is the natural thing to do. The films that are doing the best business at the moment are the films made for the big screen, in the U

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