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A freelance director makes a living selling his skills to the highest bidder within a specific market, usually video games, movies and TV.

They have to keep their income separate to get their work approved. But once they become a full-time, full-time freelance filmmaker, they can also get paid for their work.

However, the price of the freelance work has doubled over the past few years, due to technology and its ability to capture the work on your camera, for money.

How do I become one?
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There are a number of methods to become an independent filmmaker. Here’s one common way for a video game, TV or movie franchise writer, director or producer.

What’s my job?

You can apply to a specific game/tv show by contacting a specific person at the show (or your editor’s). The main objective of the application is to write your story for the game, and also to be interviewed for the role of actor or writer.

What do I need to write?

A synopsis or idea for the story. Storyboards. Dialogue for a character or a scene in the game.

My role

In order to be considered as a voice actor role in the game, you must have played in the previous video game, movie or TV show of the same name. It’s a simple requirement. You can apply to your favorite games (or watch the latest series of your favorite show), and have a character or a scene you’ve played be your main protagonist in the game.

What are the different game types?

Game types in the media industry are: adventure titles, strategy games, fighting games, first-person shooter, racer, sport and horror games.

Can I get a job as an independent game writer?

If you are willing to put in hours, then yes. You can do your own work in the indie scene. However, the income is usually better for the writer when they are paid to work on their own and are in control of what they write.

How can I get a job outside video games for indie films?

You can be a freelance director, artist and voice actor. You can make a living by creating music videos, commercials and TV commercials.

What’s my job?

A sound designer is a type of freelance director in video games. They use your music while creating your game experience. They edit your video and add in special effects like sound

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