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If you’re not the best person to make the film without the degree, maybe you would like to look into something else than the film industry?

If you’re not the best person to make the film and you’re interested in working in film, you’ve got two choices. There’s a great film school here in Chicago but that’s a bit too far away. If you’re more in the market for a long-run, multi-year work, I recommend looking at animation. I’m not talking about student animation school, but if you’re still thinking about trying to make a living in film, be prepared to make a major commitment to the field.

If you’re interested in making a long-run, multi-year work, be prepared to make a major commitment to the field.

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I would like to get as many people as possible interested in working in animation so we don’t have the production chaos of an entire production coming in from out of state. For people who are interested in making a living from this kind of work, it’s essential.

What’s the next thing you wanted to do but couldn’t?

I wanted to be an art director [at WIT]; I like to be a good director and I like to put together a lot of cool ideas. For animation, being a good art director at WIT doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a good job out in animation anymore. I guess if you’re a very good artist and you still want to be a cartoonist, you can do it, but it’s not the same as working for a film company.

When I look to come back to school one of the things is there is always some way that I can learn. There’s always the possibility of working on a movie and becoming a feature director, but I think that for somebody who wants to be an animator and you want to make the kind of animation work that leads to feature animation, it could be better off to have done that before, because you may not have had that kind of exposure. If it were easy to make something, why wouldn’t you? I think there are really good people in the animation industry who know these things, so if you’re not in that business, it might be best to start somewhere other than a film school.

Why do you think there are such poor job prospects in the industry?

The animators will tell you that there are a lot of problems at work, but people don’t understand how bad most

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