How do I become an indie filmmaker? – Sva Digital Filmmaking 101 Pdf

Once you have your first independent film completed, you are ready for independent filmmaking. You start with your trailer, shoot a couple of scenes in the editing room, make a first short film, and then you send it to a distributor. From there, you may end up on Kickstarter, film festivals, festivals, and then in many cases, major venues and festival submissions.

What do I need to do to become an indie filmmaker?

There are a number of steps necessary to be the first independent filmmaker. Below is a list of things you must do to become the first independent filmmaker.

Produce a trailer

To get your trailer and make films, you will need to write a trailer. This is simply written, but it needs to be fun. I recommend making a short film that you are excited about making. When I started out I had to write two or three of my own, which I regret. Once you have your trailer, you will need to shoot some scenes in your trailer with your crew in your home studio. Make each scene as compelling as you can; your goal for this part is to get your trailer to 100 people! You will need to shoot with a crew of 10-20 people so your trailer is packed to bursting with action.

Produce Short Films

As you film your trailer, you will need to write and edit a shorter film. Once you start editing, you will want to pitch your film to the festivals and studios. By pitching your short film first to a major festival, you ensure that your film is picked up. Next, you need to pitch your short film to one or more smaller or independent festivals to make the rest of your trailer pitch. As the years pass, your short film will become more and more appealing and the chance of your film getting picked up. You will want to pitch your short film to as many festivals as you can. Many times, festival submissions are more difficult than pitching your short film and I would not recommend pitching your short film to small film festivals.

Make a Short Film

Once you have your short film completed, you will send your trailer to the distributors and then begin making short films. The best way to pitch your film is to shoot more at home and ask your friends for advice. I have found to get the response from just one person that has seen your film can be the difference between getting picked up or not. It is more important that your film is really good at what you want it to be.

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