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I’m not in a position like I was in, because the film industry doesn’t offer me the opportunity to learn. I’m hoping to learn. For me, the thing that is most important is not having people tell me what to do and what they are going to do so I can figure this stuff out on my own. I’ve learned everything else with a director. That is my passion, to be able to learn and to create my own material and that’s what I’m doing with this project. I hope that people will see it and help me continue to learn with this director.

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The world’s largest oil and gas company on Friday launched an aggressive ad campaign in the United States as it prepares to sell more crude to refineries overseas, aiming to win its customers back from American rivals who have been slow to move to the high-cost Canadian oil.

A new national TV commercial in the U.S. highlights the difficulties U.S. shale producers face in exporting to Canada because of U.S. trade rules, which allow the oil industry to sell more oil from domestic fields than other foreign competitors such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, and that make it attractive to refiners that need it.

“America needs the U.S. industry,” the ad says. “They’re the best. They produce the best. And that’s why they call them producers when a little U.S. oil gets stuck on the ships. They’re not refiners anymore. They are producers.”

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Cedium Limited has said it wants to sell more crude to European refineries, and to China. The company is also hoping to become a refiner of Russian crude instead of just selling it in Canada.

“We believe that there still is more growth to come in U.S. high-cost oil,

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