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If you’re an actor or a stage manager in any profession you need to have a solid resume. You need something that you’re proud of and that you can show to a manager, agent or screenwriter.
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There are tons of free website for film industry job search. But remember one thing: the website must be in English, unless stated otherwise – otherwise the chances are you will waste time looking for something you will never find. But if you’re a native English speaker there are several free job boards for film industry. If you need help in finding a job, there are several job boards for film industry. But please never look for a job alone, even if you have a resume and some links. A resume alone will not help you. It’s important to put up a portfolio, a script, whatever it takes to convince a hiring manager that the film is “good” and worth pursuing.

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Please note: The post is written for those who aren’t currently employed with a film, TV, music or other TV production company.

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