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In the last year, it’s been very common for actors who have appeared on TV in some capacity, or who have had other projects that require a long period away from the screen to make a living. Not that it’s necessarily a particularly lucrative job, nor is it always the best path for earning a living, but sometimes it can be worthwhile. With that in mind, we’ve got six new TV jobs for actors to get in on, starting with:

The Flash

As the world’s youngest super hero, Barry Allen is a hot commodity, so you better have something worth paying him for. He makes an excellent second half of a series this fall on CBS, a show written by Barry’s dad, Grant Gustin, and being executive produced by his son and Joss Whedon. So yeah, this is definitely worth tracking down.

The Strain

In one of our favorite television shows of each of us, we’ve got an adaptation on the way which, unlike most, seems totally in-the-making. If the show can do well enough to earn a second season – which has to be a lot easier without the addition of a superpowered cast – then we could soon have a second Strain in our lives. (Or, more likely, we’ll be watching an American Ninja Warrior with an extra person in it.)

The 100

This year sees 100 episodes as an integral part of the CW’s lineup; the show has been a staple during the network’s run for two years now, and the success of the first season has proven that this network, which is largely owned by Tribune Co. of Chicago, is more than capable of picking up projects that a lot of network TV shows never reach on another network.

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