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The cast will visit and visit and visit, and will also stay out in the cities, in the surrounding areas of London and Brighton etc.

In terms of what actors might look like if they really were a part of the series, I’d love to see a certain type of English accent coming through, like a certain kind of London accent for example. Maybe a guy with a nice roundish head and a beard and with a kind of raspy voice, like a John Levene type voice.

I’m sure there will be some nods to previous series too as there is lots of continuity there.

Do you ever think it’s a bit of a drag when you’re on set, just standing around doing nothing?

No! [Laughs] I think you have to be the centre of attention, and you have to be on top of everything, so it’s wonderful to be involved in something like this. You’re just out there with all the other cast members working and I have a really good feeling about what happens later on that we just found out about. I think we’ll all have a really good laugh about it.

I know you can’t say much about what’s coming forward, but I’d love to hear more about that.

I wouldn’t confirm anything until it’s made official, but I will say they have had a great script and they are incredibly excited. I know that there is a big plan and it will be good fun. There’s a big fan base out there, because of the book series and the series on Amazon, that is really passionate. And there were a lot of people in the crowd at the premiere who are just as passionate, but who couldn’t make it out, because of the weather!

Will you be able to do more shows like Red and Outlander?

Maybe, yes. It depends a lot on the show, but I do do those.

And if your book is successful, could you do a feature film and a TV series?

That could happen, yes.

What’s your favourite aspect of writing your books, the idea of having fans to meet during the production?

The biggest is to share a little bit of my life with people. I think that is really cool, being able to share the details of your life with people and make sure that they will care about the characters, that they will love them, and will watch their favourite episodes, and be excited to read

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