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You can become a script writer pretty easily. The first step, of course, is to do a lot of reading. Read some stories, read other people’s stories, read other writers’ stories. See some of the writers who have written great, interesting stories. See if there are people who have written similar stories, that you could do a good adaptation of. And the second thing is to get on those forums and chat on those forums. There are all these great writers who are very happy to help you and say, “Oh hey, I wrote that,” and “I would love to work with you.” A lot of people who do this, when you talk to them, say, “All that I’ve asked you to do is to make it great, and I don’t think you could have done it any better.” And that’s so great. So that’s where you start: the forums. The forums let you find people. They let you see that other people have written great stories, and they will have made them in ways that you want to write the story. In a couple of cases, they’ll ask you to send a script that you’ve written. But the way I go looking for authors is basically, if I see that you’ve written a bunch of good, unique stories, I usually can find one or two of them, and get them to read your script.

So just write the best script you possibly can, if there’s enough of this out there. If it’s good enough for you, then go to the website, and click on the little thing called, and write something that I would really like to read. And if that works, I’ll give you a couple of scripts, which is a big bonus.
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Let’s look at some of my favorite stories, what got me started. For example, I made a list of my favorite stories on the internet, and we’ll just see: the top-grossing stories on film and television. That was really easy. I put that list out on my website, and we’ll see: two lists, two top-grossing movies. So then I posted on another web forum what I considered to be the top 50 or so movies that I thought I might really like. And for most of them, that’s been the case. Some of them I haven’t seen, but when I read the script, it’s been a winner: it’s been the best script I’ve read.

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