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I’ve been making documentaries since I was young, but it took about seven years before I realized there was something inside me that I wanted to make movies about. My first feature film was the 2001 documentary, “American Graffiti,” and I’ve been making movies for five years now, though only recently have I started making them for myself as a director and producer of movies. I wanted to write a book about that time just as soon as I got the opportunity, so I could show the people who invested in me what they invested in me.

Experimental Filmmaking — MONO NO AWARE
When I made the film, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what it was going to be like. I did a lot of research. I was fortunate, of course, to know a lot of the people who made the film, as well as a lot of the people behind the scenes. But I didn’t know everything. And I didn’t understand anything, at all. That’s the part it’s the most difficult for me. It’s not about understanding the facts, it’s about understanding the people behind those facts.

“People are afraid to tell their truth, because nobody will ever believe them.”

I know some of the people behind this film, and they were so supportive and open, and it made it all the more frustrating. You feel really like you can’t win the competition — and all of a sudden, you do win. But you’re on the other end and everybody’s like, I don’t want to talk with you again because you’re so good at what you do. And I’m like, what is going on here? Why would I want to talk to a guy like that? It kind of took me years to process that. What’s so fascinating to me about it — it was just, so that’s where I am [in life]. I’m just sitting around. You’re sitting here watching me making my films, not making the films.

I’m in a really dark place right now. I think that’s what got me into this thing — that I felt like there was too much information floating around out there and I thought, this is what this place is. The other thing I thought was this is what it’s all about and I want to do this all the time. It took me eight years to get to this place, after doing something so small. The problem with that is I did a lot of documentaries for five or six years, and I don’t like to do something for seven or eight

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