How do I start directing?

We’re glad to see you’re still interested in making your first feature film, but we’d like to give you some hints.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need for your first movie, and the process is very straightforward. The very first thing you need is an idea. We’ve already started a very early stage of development for our indie version of “S.W.A.T.” called “Dangerous.” We hope that as our campaign is successful, we can expand this early idea into something more.

What do you look for when selecting directors? We look for directors who can make a positive impact on the business side of filmmaking, and are passionate about promoting their projects. We also pay attention to the work they’ve done, both in the past and in the past few months, and our hope is that when you see the kind of film that their first film will be, it will inspire your movie in a very similar way.

Where can I find you? We’re all still just trying to get our first feature off the ground. Our film-development company (The Documentary Department) has been working with filmmakers who are looking to jump into this business and we are confident that we have a bright team just waiting to show the world that film can be creative.

We’ve partnered with an amazing director who’s willing to work with us.

If you can find the filmmaker you want on your own, they are definitely capable of directing in your style! This is why we are so supportive of people like Sam Mendes, Wes Anderson or Woody Allen, who can bring their own style to their films. They are able to use tools within their own creative arsenal. They’re also not afraid of working with very creative people who can help them push the limits.

Why does this help me get a great lead actress? You’re not a director. No one’s going to convince you to direct a commercial; it’s a lot more of a creative choice. Still, we hope to offer you a great writer who will bring a lot of unique ideas to the screen. They’re well-versed in the script and can write it to fit your vision.

To get writers who’ll bring your film up to date and on the cutting edge, contact us. Here are some of the best people we have lined up:

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