How do you plan a film shoot?

I was always going to be a director. I just never thought it was the right way to go. Not for me. It was never the right way for me to make films. I just started. I started in 2007 and made three and a half to four films before I met Martin and I was like “This is my time. What can I do?”
Peter Werner - School of Filmmaking - UNCSA

A lot of filmmakers, if you think about it, make their mark in the same way they have a father figure that inspires them, that takes them into this journey. I don’t have any parents. I just made my own, in spite of having no connections to anybody, and I’ve still got no idea that I’m even there, that I’m doing this. I’ve been making films ever since I was in sixth grade.

You can’t just look at other people’s mistakes and you can do everything wrong, you can still make a successful film and be brilliant. I always look for other’s mistakes and other people’s success and we can take the best of these things and make things work together.

When have you been most inspired to go forth and do different things other than making films?

I think I’m most inspired to go on a trip. I’ve been to a lot of places around the world. When something’s really good and something’s really bad, I try to see who’s got the best trip. I think it’s a place that gives people the least amount of stuff. It’s like the worst place on Earth. It gives them the best food, but what’s the best place there? If I’m on it, I think about traveling. It’s a very powerful place.

As time passes, I think of other things to do, like going off tour, traveling, visiting a place where you’ve never been before and having the people around you really care about you. There’s a different place there in the beginning that keeps me going, a place that’s always been there, and I want to stay.

On your film, “The Night Porter” it takes you to all these places people don’t really know about like the moon.

Right, and they say they know about it but they don’t know anything about it. They have no idea. It’s the best thing that’s ever been in the world, really. Everyone is going to be a star. It’s very beautiful. Nobody knows about it except a tiny group of people with some cameras. Then