How much do indie filmmakers make? – Filmmaking 101 A Beginner’s Guide

What are films like, “Tale of Tales,” and, “The Good Old Days” that got you in the business?

It gets harder and harder. You go to college, you can get a job, and then you’re doing the whole thing over again from day one. I think the best is that there were good jobs. My husband and I went to an art school that was really nice. After about three years, we switched to an animation program in Toronto. It was also really good, and it was also really cheap. I’m not saying that it was perfect because I wasn’t a director, but the animation program was always the best option, you know?

Were you also interested in doing movies and stuff like that when you started?

Yeah, but not professionally. I think I started to do that in college. When it got to a point where I could afford to do it, I went on a couple of short film shoots and got a bunch of gigs that were good. I thought, “Damn, I’m making money.” What more could I do?

So, your first film was The Good Old Days.

Yeah, I got the script, I took the camera around to different homes in different cities, shot it, and sold it at the Toronto Film Festival. That was great. I really enjoyed it. The only thing that bothered me for a really long time was that it’s very “American,” which is just not good for the industry. I think it was just because the people who produced it were Canadian: they saw a Canadian version of it, it made them feel like the story was American.

Can you describe the general approach you made with the film? Did you just pick out some locations on the fly, or was it a deliberate decision to show some Americana?

That’s what I did. It was an Americana story. In my head, America seemed like a country full of good people in it. I think the problem with that is that there’s a bunch of crappy movies where there’s a bunch of bad people in it. It’s so hard to do that. I feel like it just has to be a very specific Americana story. So, there’s all the good and bad stuff, there’s the bad people and the good people, but there’s still good people.

The film was also shot on location in New Hampshire, which is a beautiful place. It’s a very nice state; the people

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