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I can’t give it out easily, but I wouldn’t be surprised because I haven’t ever done it yet. There would be a lot of money in that, so if I had to answer that then there would be another question, but right now I have a lot more money to do it. I’m talking $20 million, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

Do you think you will be able to do something like this in your career? Is there an unknown element to doing your own thing?

Right now there’s no pressure at all. It’s so good because it gives me the freedom to just go, try something, see how it goes, and if I do it well, I’ll keep doing it, if not maybe I’m just going to stop. I don’t have like the pressure of, “I need to make another $50 million film.” No this is a great way to not have to make that deal. Now when you’re in the middle of it, you actually don’t have that pressure. There is just so much fun that happens when you’re not really worried about making money at all. My wife has gotten over feeling that pressure very quickly. She’s almost a bit more willing to let it go and get to work anyway, if I want her to because she says, “We can figure this out, we can get this done.”

Where’s your head at in the future? How far out are you with a movie?

Well, I’m sort of trying to figure out what my next project is going to be. Then I’ll figure myself out on it. It’s pretty difficult because what I’ve done and what my mind has been working on now is I can’t just go do another project. I’m working every day to figure out where I’m going. I’ve been working with this other actor to get this thing off the ground and then also have the script and everything. That’s definitely taking a lot of energy off from me. As much as I like to travel and do movies, there is really no other way for me to get the thing done and get it out there. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next in terms of shooting and things like that but I’m definitely going to try to stick with it.

If you were going to do another movie, would you make it a feature or do it as a short?

It would be short, but I would like to do a

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