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A. Yes.

Q. And where did they go?

A. To the end of the project. And I wanted them to do that.

Q. And they decided on the end of the project?

A. Absolutely. Absolutely. They’re both incredible.

Q. When were you last consulted by them, or did you get a phone call?

A. I don’t recall, you know. I don’t think I’ve ever been consulted by them.

Q. And were they on the phone for the majority of the production on that film?

A. Yes. And when they started the movie, I was out of town, so was [producer] Chris Bermingham, whose brother, Michael, has been a terrific friend of mine for 40 years, for whom I’m in tears. As soon as he called me up, he said, well, why don’t you come down to lunch and see him?

It was then that I found out that the project was going to be filmed in New Mexico and Arizona, and they’d already shot a scene there. And I thought, really, would that be fun? It would be an absolute blast.

So there was that lunch. And it was great. They were wonderful. And then they shot the rest of the movie.

Q. What was your involvement or assistance at that point?

A. Well I wrote the script. I directed the scene in Arizona, which was fun. The next year, I directed all the scenes in New Mexico. Then the third year, we started developing it again for TV.

Q. What TV?

A. [Producers] Jerry and Susan and I began working on the project at the end of 2003.

Q. And that lasted until what?

A. About seven years ago, they were about to make the final cut of the film.

Q. Which cut?

A. The cut which was the one that was going to air on the History Channel.

Q. But you didn’t actually direct the final cut.

A. Well, I know that this film has been on the History Channel a long time. It’s been on about 35 different platforms.

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