Do I need a degree to be a filmmaker? – Best Digital Cameras For Filmmaking Process Steps

Some filmmakers aren’t even sure. To many of them, it doesn’t matter.

“I don’t have any degree as I am not a master of photography,” filmmaker and director, Sanket Kumar told me over the phone after doing some research on the Internet.

I asked him, to my surprise, if he would be interested in the fact that, in his youth, he never had even received an education, let alone a formal education in filmmaking.

After going through a few interviews and research on the Internet, he said, “No it does not matter if you have a degree or not, if you want to make a good film, you have to learn how to work with the tools.”

Kumar went on to give a list of reasons why he feels a degree is not necessary for a successful filmmaker.

“I have no degrees to prove anything to anybody, I am not even a master of photography, so who cares?” he said.

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“I have always worked with cameras and lenses to show what you can capture visually, not people with degrees.”

If you watch the trailer for the film ‘Gaurav’ starring Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone, you will surely get the feeling that the film is directed by a filmmaker who, if having no university education, would have made his way to New York City to study or film.

The film, directed by writer/director, Veena Mishra, is said to be based on two real life incidents: a boy who gets caught in a trap set by his father, later commits suicide, while another boy falls into a well, goes to death, but after recovering it, he discovers that it was a myth.

In a country like India, what a movie like ‘Gaurav’ says is that the person in the real life, gets a second chance in life, because there is an alternative way to achieve his goal.

Kumar further explained that in some parts of India, such as Assam, it is not even possible to get a formal education even for school students.

He said, “In Assam, you cannot even get a public school qualification, and that’s why we are telling a story with films, not people with degrees. Even as a filmmaker, I will never ever accept some of the things that the film industry is producing.”

“I believe we should do this all over the country. It must be on a

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