Is Filmmaker the same as director? – Canon 7D Filmmaking Tips From Directors Cut

Filmmaker, like director, has the ability to create both. Director is responsible for the art and the story. The problem is that many movie producers think of their artists as their producers – they will try to sell more films, so they need a big enough budget for them to make as many movies as they want. As soon as you lose control of the story you will be at a disadvantage.

What will happen to the artist’s reputation if they take on more projects, or if they change their artistic direction?

If an artist who has been with a producer for a while changes their direction – their reputation will be damaged. The next producer, he does not care about the artist, no matter how long he was with this producer, he just wants to have a bigger movie. In this case, it is not necessary to go through an Artist Academy, because the artist does not know how to change the direction of his image. For the artists’ reputation, you can try creating a small independent film. It will take a year to produce, but you’re more likely to get better working with a very small budget, than with one that gets big budget backing.

Is an artist to go to an Art Academy and pass the first exam?


What is it like to be rejected for an Academy Award?

The first time I was rejected, I was in LA at the Cannes film festival (it was 1988), I won a short film at the Cinefest (it was 1988). I was accepted to the Art Academy by my mother who wanted my success (she was from a communist country). But when I found out that they said that only the best 20 percent should win the Oscar, I had to say no. I made it very close, and it was the best film I had won. That is all that matters, and the award was not the problem. But what hurt much more was that after that, I got a copy of a rejection letter that I kept in my pocket and I never ever did show it to a director, director himself or anybody else. And one even said that the film looked like a commercial. I think this is very ironic that many people think that the Oscars are supposed to be good films, and the films that get rejected are those that look like bad ones. The Academy was not a place for me.

I have a question, I’ve only seen these guys in the video clips, and I don’t know what they’re doing

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