Is Filmmaker the same as director? – Best Cheapest Camera For Filmmaking

No, there’s not as much communication. Filmmakers may have two or three conversations over the course of a year, but they rarely communicate what they are doing. The main things they share are ideas, and ideas are not as well communicated as a screenplay.

Is there a scene in The Matrix that you are particularly proud of?

I haven’t seen it with the actors, but it’s kind of the perfect ending.

The ending of The Matrix is a wonderful movie.

Yes, and it’s a great film, but it’s not about making a great masterpiece. It’s about making a film that makes sense.

What advice would you offer to people trying to make their first film?

Be smart.

Find the people who will surround you with ideas, and trust them to make you a good film.

You’re not doing anything great if you are not trying for something meaningful.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to be unable to make a story have meaning to you.

What are your personal favorites, and why?

I don’t watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report as much as I used to. I just try not to look at it.

How much are you planning on working on your next film? How will you spend your final year?

Lee Trevino and Herman Mitchell, 1986 U.S. Open | Famous ...
I don’t plan on doing any more shooting until the summer. I want to just work on my first film, which I’m going to make in 2013. I do have other films going forward, but I don’t know yet.

You just went to Cannes and did some amazing reviews while there. Did you feel like this was the moment to really become known to the public?

I think so, but it was a hard experience. They really took me to task. The thing about that, like with anything that comes out of Cannes, or a major film festival, we do get criticism. I feel better about doing films in Paris or New York where people actually get to critique the films themselves.

You also did an amazing job last year, doing a wonderful job in that movie as well as with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What was the experience like this time around?

I think I did a better job in that film. But I really enjoyed it. I loved how you could see where it was going to go. I didn’t look at the box office results and I was disappointed by the result,

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