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I’m a pretty serious film geek.

What was your first film that you’d liked and why?

“The Man from U.N.C., or “The Uninvited!” It was probably my first movie that I really loved and liked that I saw in theatre. A film made with John Williams and not with the same production value, but still quite nice in my opinion. That film was made in 1980. I was 15. It’s the most enjoyable I’ve had with a film. And I was the only person who knew about it. And it was on a Saturday. It was a Saturday night.

I didn’t really follow the genre and don’t even like horror films. But I like those type of movies that is quite weird. A lot of them would put kids to sleep. But I found that they are very good at telling and making you think about more. And I liked the plot. And I think that was the first film that I saw that was pretty scary. But I really liked that. Then at my friend’s house I watched it and I thought it was pretty funny and silly.

Who are you and what’s the story behind you wanting to become a professional wrestler?

I guess the simple answer is I was watching professional wrestling movies. I couldn’t wait to see it in person. When the movie came out I started watching it every day and became more dedicated to it. As opposed to wrestling, it’s so much more serious. It is not like a lot of sports and I think that that’s what a lot of us don’t really understand. The sport is an escape, it is also something you will do for a few months, at least until your friends come over. I found myself going to watch wrestling matches and so many of it being very funny. I was just fascinated with all of the stuff going on, the comedy, the violence, the gore, it even involved animals in some kind of way.

I started watching it with my friends, as their family’s. I started watching it with my family. I was 12. I was like, “Oh my God, what, do I have to know what all the jokes and all the blood and all the things go on?” And then I realized, yeah, I had to learn about it at some time. But I didn’t really know what it was. I was just excited I could watch it and see the funny stuff. Then I found it online and I was

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