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This is one of the many questions that film educators will ask themselves in the coming years. And one of the most important questions is: “What films do you want our students to see?”

In some ways, the film program is like a computer for students. It’s a set of questions that most students aren’t asking. But they’re going to be asked.

“It is really quite exciting. It looks like we are on the early days of doing this new experiment. I think it could really shake things up a little bit,” says Tom Fenton, an expert in film arts and humanities at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. “What I am especially interested in is what are other people going to do with our new technology? Are other classes going to start teaching this stuff?”

Fenton says that he hopes that one day students will be able to access all of the thousands of digital media programs available online.

But if the current wave of student interest is any indication, the answer is no.

‘We Don’t Have Enough Film’

“Most [filmmakers] are either making for-profits or independent films,” says Peter Hildebrand, an independent filmmaker. “We don’t have enough film.”

Hildebrand, who has four movies under his belt, says that as his film business, called The Filmmaker’s Studio, has grown, so, too, have student complaints like these.

His students tell him that they can’t find movies for their next class or project. Instead, they ask his advice on what to watch. He tells them that they should probably go with something they already know. And, he says, students are just as reluctant to leave the digital age, because they know that their professors and faculty will have their back.

It’s true. Filmmaking at the college level is a tight-knit community, where you can’t get your foot in front of anyone’s knee. And everyone is looking for what they can contribute.

“If it wasn’t for the community, I don’t think I would be here, in this town,” Hildebrand says.

But those closest to him say that it’s not all about the students anymore.

The Film Institute is doing everything it can. For starters, it will be holding seminars with film experts in other countries—on topics like digital effects and filmmaking techniques. Soon, students will be able to take video courses about the

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