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“Drama,” she informs her fellow students. “Dramas in an English language class. They’re a really good class.”

Not only is one a great class to get into, it is one that is more likely to produce successful films. The program was created because students want a way to learn something, a way to discover something, something that can be used in their writing and in their life.

“Most filmmaking instruction is only about writing and editing, but if you’re actually in the cutting room – it’s a real challenge,” she explains. “They’re more of a challenge.”

And while it can be scary at first, it actually teaches students something, something that they have to figure out later.

“It’s a really cool opportunity because you’re learning about a certain style, and you learn that you’re a director,” notes Jorjani. “You have to look at a certain way, and you realize you can also go that direction.”

Students have two big weeks of preparation: at the beginning of the semester, they get a “sketch” of the kind of story they want to write, and then a final script. Their director will review this and then discuss his ideas. There are three sections to this final script: “Plot,” “Character,” and “Music.”

In the first section, the director sets up his story: who he is in the story; what makes up his background; the conflict he wants to tackle; his goals for the final film.

“We know what the story is. We really know where we’re going in the script. But the third part is music,” Jorjani explains. “For my class, this process is the hardest part. There’s a bunch of stuff we haven’t made up yet, ideas we’ve been thinking about for years.”

This process is a challenge because students aren’t allowed to write a scene until they get the director’s approval, and then the music has to be heard and the director’s approval, and then, and only then can the song be written. The process can be intimidating, but it’s not impossible. Once the music exists, there’s little that can go wrong. With a script and the right director, it’s simple, simple, simplicity.

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