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We all do things differently, and as artists, we all struggle with learning the math behind some things. The best way for animators to get better at math is through practice. This is why I created the Art of Animation series at Wix Animation Academy (learned in no less than 10 different math classes).

The idea is to create a series of exercises, one for each of the math concepts we use. I believe learning through trial and error will help everyone learn math in a more effective way by giving us some tools to help us do so more efficiently.

I want to encourage you to try it out if you haven’t already, and I encourage you also to share this page with your friends. It’s always fun to have a little fun in the classroom!

Here are some exercises designed to help you with the math concepts you use in both film, commercials, and video games…

(Note: If you’re just looking for more of these, then go check out our other series here.)

How many frames a day is it?

How many steps per frame is it?

What the heck is an amorphous blob?

Who would have guessed that in the end?

How do we create new animation tracks? (Hint: Don’t!)

When are we supposed to draw in our hand?

How do we animate the head?

How do we animate the hands? (Hint: Draw them in your head!)

Can we make objects rotate about an axis? (Hint: Yes!)

How can we combine the hands? (Hint: If you need to, then make your hand two animated sliders!)

How do we animate the face? (Hint: Look at these gifs!)

Why were we able to come up with that?

Can we add or subtract numbers?

How do we calculate the number of frames per second per frame?

How much can we change the speed of the movement on our character in seconds?

How do we do something like that with an animation frame? (Hint: Addition with subtraction!)

The following are related to “Math” in Animation:

Can we create multiple layers in an animation?

How do we do it?

Will we need to do all the calculation?

How do I do this in C++? (Hint: Yes!)

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