What makes a film successful? – New York Film Academy Documentary Filmmaking Workshops In Colorado

Is there one factor that makes its production better than others? What makes a film more exciting than others?

I was fortunate enough to see a number of films at the New York Film Festival, and while it may not have made it as a major motion picture, it was enough to inspire me to find out more about this art form, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. As a kid, I was always fascinated by cinema and the power of words, the story, and the beauty of photography. I hope I still have something to say about what makes a film successful, and hopefully it will spark conversations with people about how they think the medium was made, and why. Here’s to hoping that my own vision can inspire the very same conversations that my friends here are going to have.

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MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court on Tuesday set a May 26 hearing for a drug rehabilitation law that seeks to decriminalize drug trafficking but critics say is flawed because it does not recognize addicts.

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In a decision that was met with scorn by rights activists, the top court postponed the hearing for six days to June 4. The justices must now determine what type of penalties inmates must face if they are sent to rehabilitation facilities, instead of prison.

The justices also ordered the Department of Justice to make two sets of guidelines to be used by the rehab program, while also imposing a one-year jail term for drug users.

Opponents want the laws to be scrapped, arguing they penalize drug users and make it easier for police to carry out drug operations.

If the law is upheld before the August 31 deadline, inmates with drug charges will face jail terms ranging from five to 20 years.

Chief Justice Renato Corona, Jr. said the Supreme Court is not granting the petition but will hear the case for the second time.

“If you want to change society, you must change the system,” it said.

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