Who is the boss of a movie? – Best Cameras For Filmmaking 2017 Suv Ratings

I don’t know, probably Sony [parent company].

Do you know what’s good?

The thing about this movie is all these different characters. When they first meet, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s Tom Hanks, that’s Chris Tucker. That’s Paul Rudd. That’s this guy,’ and the next thing you know, ‘Oh, that’s this guy.’ And it’s fun. I’ve played a bunch of different characters. And at a kid-friendly studio, I’m like, ‘Oh, look, one of these is a kid, this is a grown-ass man, this is a girl, this is a guy.’

You’ll be in it. How did you get the gig?

I got the gig because the boss was a really big fan of ‘Candyman’ and I’ve played in a bunch of movies there. I actually have a really great relationship with them. I haven’t really had any problems since we started. I just had a day on set in ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ and my crew was really nice and respectful and I was able to talk some fun stories. They kind of just picked me up from a hotel after the crew had had a long day. They brought me to my trailer and we had lunch and had me show some of the characters in the movie. And they said they had an idea for me to play with this girl. “Oh no, she doesn’t think like that anymore!” They were right. She’s not that interested in the cool stuff anymore, she’s just interested in what’s on TV.

Did you think you’d get the role?

No, I didn’t, man. I didn’t have a plan to play something super-serious, super-serious. We had this great idea of it being a kind of an ensemble movie, but really just the main character. I just kind of went off and did something with my own personal humor and stuff. I was trying to get to know a person, go, “I’m so not cool enough for this. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I want to do!” And then it turned out really well. [Laughs]

This movie is about your own personal life. What’s the most important aspect of yourself that you wanted to make apparent?

My character is really selfish. Yeah, he’s selfish. [Laughs] Of course he’s selfish! I grew up poor

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