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You do not want to think about film journalism when getting yourself into these programs.

This is one of those things that if you get into a program based on getting an “in” in that area then chances are that the best you can hope for is an “in.” The degree is not actually important and you will get a lot more out of a course that focuses on the specific areas that the program is aiming at, or even one specifically designed to help you understand the field. Just be sure that the program has been vetted and thoroughly researched before you accept that degree.

If you are going to be studying film journalism you may find that there is a shortage of experienced filmmakers. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the quality of the programs being offered, most program directors have a pretty good idea of who to enroll in their programs based off of the amount of media that they consume. However if you are looking for some help and someone who will guide you along the way just ask your teachers. The majority of students find it is the best way to learn a lot of things about the field and just might be a good place to put in that one internship or 2 that you need.

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What is your favorite part / type of class?

I actually love film and even more than I hate it! There is something about reading and studying film that make me want to make documentaries about our favorite subjects. There is something fun and interesting and emotional about being able to understand someone else’s perspective on something that we may not have been able to get our own. It is interesting how we tend to be biased on subjects and even films that we dislike and see nothing wrong with, but when we go back to them years later we are shocked by how different they are because we had been looking for them the whole time.

However, if I’m being very honest I don’t know that there is an exact answer to that question. I really enjoy my classes because they allow me to really get to know the different characters to my program and it allows me to gain that knowledge. I don’t think that a big program like Columbia will ever be able to keep all of the films that I’m interested in or interested in that are coming out every day. If I am able to find a particular film or filmmaker who is doing a certain thing or doing a certain style that I enjoy I will probably do that again and again.

I tend to get myself in classes because they allow me to be challenged, to find something

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