Who is the boss of a movie?

That’s like asking if a girl’s mom wears jeans.

I can’t wait to watch it myself, but I don’t want to think about it in such a way that my brain is fried.

When I have a long, hot shower, I keep my feet elevated on the sauna floor and I imagine the hot water going over the toes and inside into my feet. So does the hot water go right to my feet, right to the brain?

The brain, the most complex part of your body, keeps you alive. So how can this thing that keeps you alive keep the hot water from going into your feet?

There’s a simple fix for it, but it’s a bit difficult to reach.

If you soak a pair of socks in hot water and put them in a hot bathtub, the heat from the water will help the socks soak up the heat. Of course, you need to get the hot water down to those socks on your feet before they’re soaked.

So for example, here’s an important photo of me, sitting on a hot, dry beach during a vacation last summer. Here’s me soaking my socks.

How hot is it on the beach? In a minute.

There is quite a difference in tone in the media from the Republicans, because they’re trying to take control of our healthcare, our tax system, our energy and we’re trying to stop that now. I just came back and was talking to a gentleman from Iowa who is a business owner who will do this. What are your thoughts about the Republican leadership in Congress?

It’s a disgrace. I’ll give you an example of how pathetic this is. They said their repeal of the mandate is repeal and replace. But then they said there is a 30 percent tax that’s going to go up on people and that is not a repeal, you know, but it’s just a new penalty.

That does not go well with me at all. I actually believe that the healthcare should come at a lower cost to the American people and not at a higher cost and I hope that they come to that conclusion. But it’s just shameful that our leaders have stood with their rich donors and their wealthy donors have stood with them. And it’s no wonder, it’s no wonder that they’re in such a hole. And they’re just taking the money.


BLITZER: Thank you, Dr. Carson.