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An indie is a company whose product is not only different but not only cheaper. The industry is called Indie Game Developers because the company can’t legally make or market their products as a “giant” company. Therefore when a company makes a game with a simple story, it’s called an indie game.

What is something else I should know?

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Here is how the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) processes a mine safety recall request for a facility.

What is in the notification?

MSHA will require the facility to send to MSHA and submit a Notice of Action (NAA) containing the following:

a map of the mine site, the mine discharge line and the mine pit

a list of identified sources for the discharge from the mine site, including any sources at or near the discharge line

a map showing the probable impact of the release on the safety of nearby residents

a list of the known hazards at the site and at the discharge line

a list of hazards at the discharge pit, which will be detailed in the NAA

a list of the known sources and other relevant information from the MSHA website.

What is in the NAA?

The NAA will include detailed information:

determine if the release was accidental, as a result of a breakdown in equipment or design, or caused by human error

find the probable impacts on residents and the public.

What if I’m receiving mine safety notices from MSHA in the mail?

If your mailing address appears on the MSHA website (, you may have received an MSHA mine safety notice that was mailed to you by MSHA. You have a right of response at that address when the matter is investigated.

What can I do if I receive a notification that I

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