Do free energy generators work? – Free Energy Change At Equilibrium

Answer: Free energy generators (felons) provide electricity to those who may be unable to afford electricity. In the first place, they should be used only in the interest of the people, and in the next, no one should be harmed by them.

For instance, the German government has introduced free energy plants on state highways. The electricity generated with electricity collected from such energy plants goes into the local electricity grid, and the electricity collected with other sources goes to a substation and finally to the local power grid.

Free energy generators are called “energy-efficient generators”. Because the electricity generated with electricity collected from free energy plants is supplied to the local power grid, the electricity will be cheaper and should be used at the end of the working day. In the first place, the electricity generated with free energy plants should be used during the entire working day. In the next, it is an important element that these free generators should be used only in the interest of the people. The law does not consider the harm to others as an aggravating factor.

Answer: Free energy generators do not harm anyone else. On the contrary, the utility workers, electricity network workers and electricians all benefit from the free energy generators. To ensure that the free energy generators are used only on the necessary occasions, the government has established specific rules at the national level.

Question: Do energy-saving cars have an impact on fuel prices?

Answer: The automobile, like other vehicles, will have a positive impact on the prices of gasoline and diesel. However, the fuel price may increase due to the higher fuel consumption of the car.

The government has introduced a reduction in the car fuel tax during June, in accordance with the government’s energy policy. The reduction in the fuel tax is part of a government-led effort to make the car more environmentally conscious, and to reduce the pollution involved in automobile transport. During the summer time, as there is more traffic on German highways, the impact from the reduction in fuel taxes on the gas prices will be minimal.

Question: We heard that the government has adopted a goal of 40 percent of all electricity coming from solar energy during next five years. But what is the actual result of the solar energy?

Answer: The goal of 40 percent of all electricity coming from solar energy in the country is the outcome of the government’s effort to implement new sustainable energy policies. The government has initiated the implementation of a number of new renewable energy projects including solar energy

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