Is free energy possible Tesla? – Free Energy Generator With Magnet And Dc Motor Information

Tesla is also claiming that the power that they’ve used their company is completely free. Tesla has claimed that they’ve used a “tetra gas turbine” so far, and they’ve also mentioned that they’ve used a “turbine” for powering an “unbelievably large array of power stations” that could power all the planet. This is pretty good news for energy conservation because it means that the company is really trying to get it off the ground.

They also say that their “free energy” system will eventually make them self-sustaining, something which it’s very hard to do using conventional methods when you don’t know where your source of energy will come from.

What do we make of all this?

That’s basically Tesla’s entire business plan. They’re doing everything they can to make sure that they have enough production capacity to get on a roll and keep their promises, and they’re clearly doing it! With Tesla claiming that their “free energy” power source is entirely free, if they are able to continue to build a massive supply of these energy efficiency gadgets, all hell will break loose and we can expect to see a serious drop in prices.

What’s your take? Are you planning on purchasing one for yourself? Who knows, it could even save your life!

Let’s hear from you, did you experience free energy? What other methods do you use to save money using renewable energy?

Source: Tesla

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