Is flywheel free energy possible? – Best Free Energy Device Commercially Available Definition Synonym

There’s no need for some fancy technology if you have lots of air. In fact, the key to the flywheel is its mass. As discussed, massless energy can be obtained through frictionless flight and the flywheel can be adapted that way. A massless flywheel can be made using materials such as stainless steel or aluminum with an air-slip chamber. The air in the flywheel displaces a very small amount of liquid and, after it exits the chamber, leaves behind a large amount of vapor. By the time it’s ejected out of the chamber the air is heated to about 1,200 degrees. It turns up to the temperature of an industrial oven which gives it a very high vapor density. This vapor can be combined with the vacuum of the cylinder to form heat. It’s the heat that makes the flywheel work! There is little need for a complicated system. All you need is a spring and the massless energy produced, which is simply enough to fly the wing. I can’t do much for you today. But there are a lot of people who are doing work to produce this type of flywheel for flying and for aerodynamic purposes. Please go to Dr. Richard Feynman’s web site and give a read about it. Dr. Niel Wittenberg’s “Aerial Engineering and the Laws of Motion” is the best available description of this in his book “Aerodynamica – The Evolution of Aerodynamics”. This is a very thorough and clear approach on how to get your wings up! The information on this site are not only in German because the information is not available in English. Many of you may do some studying of the German site. If you can do so, please contact me. Dr. Margo Taylor’s web site contains a great deal more useful information about aerodynamics, but I have not found it in English for some reason. The most important thing is to get a good grasp of what you’re doing and then do it right!

My next article will be about a more complex system that’s quite different from Dr. Taylor’s. It’s not about aerodynamics, but on the surface appears to conform. This may be due to small differences in material properties, but it’s a real interesting idea! Check out the “Flight of the Flywheel” movie by Dr. Dario D’Lugo ( featuring one of my students who has done some research on this.


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