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Fluid power supplies, like battery or solar power systems, are only able to supply energy when the fluid moves within a given boundary which in physics is called a fluid. The fluid boundary can be defined as the plane that is perpendicular to the fluid fluid’s flow. In other words, the fluid is flowing in a single direction. It is important to remember that the fluid movement within a liquid power supply is usually very small and has little impact on the output power of the liquid power supply.

With an air flow, air is not confined to a small volume, it is simply blown with the flow. The air that is blown along with the air movement, this air is called compressed air (or compressible air).

In the case of an electromagnetic power source like an AC/DC device, an air flow is limited by the speed of the air molecules travelling along with the current being applied to the device. In this case, at one point in time, there is a very limited flow of compressed air on the magnetic field lines.

This means that the power source must have a boundary. There must be some point on the magnetic field lines where this compressed flow of air is able to move freely and the flow of air is allowed to become bigger and bigger as the magnetic field lines come closer to the magnet.

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To illustrate the situation, let us look at the figure to the right. To start with, the flow of air which is being compressed by the current, this is allowed to grow and grow. This is a normal power supply flow, with limited magnetic field lines at both ends, no matter how many turns an AC/DC device is set up, the power supply can never be made to work.

The problem is further worsened when one compares the two extremes (Figure below). Suppose that the boundary is no longer a small boundary, that is, the flow of air moving along with the movement of the magnetic field lines, but the boundary is a little larger – imagine a line that was bigger than the flow of air. Imagine it being even bigger – the flow of air on the magnetic field line – the flow is stopped. The flow of air is reduced and in response the power supply has to shut off.

This is where electrical resistance is so powerful! Now imagine the power supply is on standby. Now imagine that two large poles are placed at one of the ends of the power supply which are generating a huge electrical current (Figure below). The power supply shuts itself down when this

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