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It means that you get more Delta G’s if you stay on this page (and less if you leave).

Why have only 100% delta?

We wanted to test the “Degree to Freedom” effect. The “Flux” effect is when you want your screen to stay white; our aim was to measure how much extra “Lightning Bolt” you get on the screen if you’re using a color temperature of 500K (and a screen temperature of 8K). We’ve written about the “Lightning Bolt” effect before, in one of the pages of this tutorial. In short, the more orange a color is on the screen, the more “Lightning Bolt” it gets; the more orange white on a color, the less “Lightning Bolt”. If you do that well (i.e. keep things in “Orange”, but add more blues and greens), you will get extra “Lightning Bolt” more quickly in low, middle (400K) and high (800K) colors. If you do that poorly (i.e. have a white screen), you will get less “Lightning Bolt” at lower, mid (250K) and high (500K) colors. There’s more detail on that here.

What this means in practice, is that the “Delta” in our graph shows you how much “Lightning Bolt” is actually released in our tests. In fact, by changing the Color Temp value (using the green control in the slider box), you will have a far weaker impact on the test results compared to changing the Delta.

What about the Delta?

If you leave it at 0, it’s at its best, while leaving it at 100% means that there’s no impact.

What’s more, “100%” and “0%” colors are the same: the red (500K) and green (800K) are almost the same.

Note that each color value represents a range of brightness: from 25% to 100%.

To understand what’s going on on our graph, we’re going to need to take a few steps back. Here’s what “Delta” means :

: The red (500K) and green (800K) are almost the same

The Meaning of Esoteric and Esotericism.. and Esoteric ...
: The range from 25% to 100%

For the chart above, let’s look at an example: at 800K you have about 3 Gamma-Models ; what it really means is

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