Is free energy possible with magnets? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Secret Work Oesc

If magnets have “spark plugs” and magnetic fields, could they cause free energy? What if magnets were a form of artificial electromagnetism, with a positive pole and a negative pole, a negative pull for “recession, a positive push against the charge on the positive pole, the magnetic field is positive and attracts charged particles to the positive pole, thus giving a positive charge to these particles? The same principle could possibly generate enough power to power most of today’s electricity supplies – but it should not produce enough energy for mass-produced solar power cells.

In any case, magnets would need to be extremely stable, with lots of material to hold them stable, and it would take far more of them than there are atoms in the whole universe to create a free energy source.

There are numerous theoretical sources of free energy, from black holes, supermassive black holes, to particles such as the electron and positron, as well as “zero-point energy”, which is an imaginary state where no mass of matter exists whatsoever. The most basic source is electromagnetic radiation from electromagnetic waves – light, radio, TV, etc. The idea is that we can absorb such waves and then use them to store power.

This would provide a much stronger version of electric power than we currently have, but without a need for magnets. The question is how can this be done.

The answer is that a magnetic field creates an electromagnetic field, and with a field, any particle may be accelerated and pulled to the center of the field, thus forming a magnetic “bubble”. The bubble will produce power using what is known as a Faraday cage – where the electron will become trapped by the force of the field, thereby storing electricity.

So far the problem has only been solved in theory. There are many physicists whose theories and experiments show that this can be done; others who claim that free energy is impossible, even more so than that we will need to create a big fusion reactor if it’s really possible.

The question of how to do it has been a mystery for more than 40 years. The idea of magnetic bubbles was proposed in 1974, but it took several experiments by many physicists, using dozens of different types of equipment, before it was found to be possible.

It’s been known for decades that electrons can create waves in space, called electromagnetic radiation, but it hasn’t been known how they do it. The most recent evidence comes directly from the Large Hadron Collider (L

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